Courses Offered

Welcome to Mechanical Engineering

Department of MECH

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, we are conscious of the importance of the role that mechanical engineering must play in areas such as energy and environmental systems, materials, transportation, robotics, manufacturing, information technology, biomechanics, health care, many of which are national priorities.

The Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Production Systems Engineering have been recently merged to better respond to the needs of the society. The integration produced a rich portfolio of research and academic activities in areas ranging from nano-scale processing to health-care robotics to supply chain management. As a result, the new department offers a diverse range of academic programs in 4 basic areas of specialization: Mechanical Systems Design, Materials and Manufacturing, Systems Control and Robotics, and Energy and Environment.

Salient Features

Mechanical Engineering deals with a wide variety of scientific and technological challenges, which include design and manufacturing, energy conversion and power generation, control and automation, computer simulation, environment protection, building services, aerospace and many more. It is the responsibility of mechanical engineers to design machines that are safe, reliable, and efficient. Since all manufactured products must be constructed of solid materials and because most products contain parts that transmit forces, mechanical engineering is involved in designing and selecting the materials for and ensuring the structural integrity of almost every product in the market.

Course Content

Applied Hydraulics & Pneumatics Finite Element Analysis
CAD Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
Design of Machine Elements Gas Dynamics & Jet Propulsion
Design of Transmission Systems Heat and Mass Transfer
Dynamics of Machinery Kinematics of Machinery
Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Manufacturing Technology
Engineering Metrology & Measurements Mechatronics, Strength of Materials
Engineering Thermodynamics Power Plant Engineering

List of Electives

Automobile Engineering
Design of Jigs, Fixtures & Press Tools
Maintenance Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Principles of Management
Production Planning & Control
Professional Ethics In Engineering
Unconventional Manufacturing Processes

Laboratory Facilities

The department has excellent facilities for practical and research work in the laboratories of Dynamics of Machines, Rotodynamic Machines, Hydraulic Machines, Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Strength of Materials and Computer Aided Design. Some of the important areas covered are:
Mechanical Design
Mechanical Vibrations, Balancing, Dynamics of Machines
Pressure Vessels and Piping
Thermo Fluid Mechanics, Turbo Machinery, Gas Turbines, Compressible Fluid Flow
Metal Working, Closed die forging
Industrial Management, Operations Research and Quality Control
Heat and Mass Transfer, Heat Exchangers
Solar Air-conditioning
Facilities exist for consultancy work in Material Testing, Heat Transfer, Pressure Vessels, Machine Design, Fluid Mechanics, Machines and Automobiles and workshop.


Arc welding machine
Brazing machine
Brinell hardness Testing Machine
Centre Lathe with accessories
Centrifugal pump/submergible pump setup
Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Francis turbine setup
Gas welding machine
Gear Hobbing Machine
Gear pump setup
Horizontal Milling Machine
Impact Testing Machine (300 J Capacity)
Injection Moulding Machine
Kaplan turbine setup
Metallurgical Microscopes
Muffle Furnace
Orifice meter setup
Pelton wheel setup
Radial Drilling Machine
Reciprocating pump setup
Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
Rotameter setup
Rotameter setup
Sand moulding Facility
Spring Testing Machine for tensile and compressive loads (2500 N)
Standard tools and calipers for sheet metal work
Surface Grinding Machine
Tool Dynamometer
Tool Makers Microscope
Torsion Testing Machine (60 NM Capacity)
Turret and Capstan Lathes
Universal Tensile Testing machine with double
Venturi meter setup
Vertical Milling Machine