Courses Offered

Welcome to Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department of ECE

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of Sri Rangapoopathi College of Engineering offers premier professional technical training that keeps in pace with the latest developments in the field of electronics and information technology. It offers a four year undergraduate course in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The department has proved to be un surpassed within the state and is extremely competitive in the national level.

Salient Features

A syllabus encompassing the most recent technologies, first-rate lab facilities and an exemplary faculty are the main reasons for the prized status accorded to this course. The curriculum includes, apart from core electronics, papers on Communication Engineering, Instrumentation, Signal Processing, Process Control and Industrial Management. The syllabus is frequently updated and reviewed to keep update of the continual changes in technology.

Course Content

Antenna and Wave Propagation
Communication Theory
Computer Networks
Digital Communication
Digital Electronics
Digital Signal Processing
Electronic Circuits
Linear Integrated Circuits
Measurements and Instrumentation
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Optical Communication and Networking
Principles of Management
RF and Microwave Engineering
Signals and systems
Transmission Lines and Wave guides
VLSI Design
Wireless Communication

List of Electives

Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Advanced Electronic system design
Advanced Microprocessors
Digital Image Processing
Embedded and Real Time Systems
Information Theory
Medical Electronics
Nano Electronics
Parallel and Distributed Processing
Speech Processing
Television and Video Engineering

Labs and Practicals

Electronics Lab

Electronics Lab is equipped with CROs up to 30 MHz, Function Generators up to 20 MHz, Power supplies, various ranges of Voltmeters and Ammeters; Multi meters, DRBs, DIBs, and DCBs. In addition, LCR and Components tester are also available.

Digital Electronics Lab

Digital Laboratory is equipped with IC trainer kits, IC testers, Function generators up to 1 MHz, CROs up to 60 MHz including Storage Oscilloscope, and all ranges of Power supplies. Various Instrumentation Kits are available in the Laboratory.

Microprocessor Lab

Microprocessor Lab is equipped with 8085, 8086, 8051, 8054, 8079 microprocessor & microcontroller kits. Interfacing circuits with real world applications are also available in the Laboratory. In addition, development tools like In-circuit Emulator, Logic Analyzer and EPROM Programmer are available. Software available include driver software, assemblers and disassemblers for microprocessors & microcontrollers.

Communication Lab

Communication Lab is equipped with Analog & Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Fiber Optic trainer kits, Digital Modulation/ Demodulation kits, all ranges of DC power supplies, Function Generators with frequency up to 100 MHz, Dual Trace Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes with frequencies up to 100 MHz, Microwave test benches of Klystron and Gunn Source, Optical Power meters, TV Demonstrator kits, Laser Trainer Kit and Cable Fault Locator. Apart from the Trainer kits, all components are available to construct and test any communication Transmitter, Receiver circuits and Filter circuits.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Signal Processing Laboratory is equipped with TMS320C50 Processor, TMS320C5416 Processor, and TMS320C6711 Processor. In addition 10 User Licensed software MATLAB 6.5 version with all tool boxes are available in the laboratory. Equipments like 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, 40 MHz Digital Storage oscilloscope, 20 MHz Function Generator, 25 MHz CRO, HP Laser Printer and 30 nos. of Higher end System are also available in the Laboratory.


Software's like Xilinx 10.1i (ISE-FND-SIM) for implementation of digital design in the FPGA and PSPICE software are available in the Laboratory. The Laboratory is equipped with 15 numbers of FPGA kit (SPARTAN-3). Additionally, Add-on features card like Traffic light controller, Elevator simulator, Stepper motor / DC motor / Temperature / Relay Interface cards, I/O card module. Also, VLSI lab is equipped with 35 higher end Systems. Students can develop their projects by writing programs in VHDL or Verilog.

Computer Networks Laboratory

PC (with recent specification), Ethernet LAN trainer, Wireless LAN trainer, Network Simulator Software, C. Complier, Java Electronics System Design Lab System with ARCAD Software, TMS320C5416 (with CCS), 8051 based Trainer kit, and system with interfaces like ADC, DAC, Keyboard and display, CRO.

Optical and Microwave Lab

Klystron tube, Gunn oscillator, PIN modulator, Isolator, Attenuator, Frequency meter, Horn antenna, Fixed attenuator, Magic TEE, E-Plane TEE, H-Plane TEE, Directional coupler, VSWR meter, Radiation table, Universal Waveguide stand, Optical power source, Fiber Optic Power meter, Fiber optic trainer Kit, Multiplexer / Demultiplexer Kit, Laser Trainer Kit, PIN Diode, LED mounted source at wavelength.


DSP trainers with filter design software
Logic analyzer
Various speed drives both AC and DC
Programmable logic controller
Computerized multiprocessor control stations
300 Megahertz analog CROs, 2001%1Hz DSO
Arbitrary wave generators
Electronic CAD package
I PGA development system with related hardware
Intel 89C51 development systems
Universal Counter 225.NNMHz
PCB prototyping machine